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Such a lovely day- The perfect day for sitting in the park, or having lunch on a terrace, or walking where a car would serve.

Naturally, there were no extra people in the streets.

Well, maybe one or two- Inoue didn't spend every afternoon, eating a steak sandwich on a bus bench. But it gave a perfect view of the mentioned park, the center fountain a few yards away, across the street. Nothing worth noting, but a perfect thing to stare at as you wait for the bus... Or for a delivery truck, that just happens to swerve and hit a fire hydrant, spraying water on a tree at the park edge.

Poor driver, getting out and yelling for help. Not only is his truck crashed, but it was badly hatched, bt the doors sprang open on impact and spewed plastic, colored eggs all over the street. Luckily, a dozen or so pedestrians - who just happened to have empty shopping bags on hand - all broke their walk to come towards the mess, picking up eggs and calling reassurances to the driver, who wasn't even looking in his breakdown.

Crunching his wrapper in his hand, Inoue got up and tossed it in the garbage, turning to go just as everyone else was stalling to stare - if only for a moment. He didn't need to stay, after all. The hard timing was done, and he knew the rest. The happy helpers would forget what they were holding, and promptly trip on their ways home, dropping the eggs all over again in various parts of town. A small, if strangely synchronized mishap, which shouldn't cause too much ruckus.

But it would keep anyone curious enough to pick them up quite busy - if for only a while.
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A number of noises echo out into the store front, for a good few minutes, and then Inoue finally wanders in as silence falls. He rolls one shoulder and pops his neck as he goes - the darn floor fan was heavier than it looked, but really. The overhead wasn't near strong enough, and he wanted a mix of blowing. Hit the model from a couple sides, and cover all the buildings. It's the only way, after all.

He walks over to his front door, and peers through the glass - the noise is clue enough, but he wants to be sure. And sure enough, there's one might wind blowing through town, knocking over a trash bin and bench and some construction cones from the recent road work right down the street. He needs to remember to glue those down, next chance he gets. They aren't going anywhere, after all.

But no, right now he needs to go back. That was long enough for everyone to get the message and head for cover. Another minute or two, and he could get back to work, keeping safe and tucked away.

[[This event is town-wide, including insane winds and all the building doors locking when people go inside. Respond to this post with your characters and where they are, and tag people stuck in the same spot!]]
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"-sorry, would you let me by?"

Inoue tore his eyes off the street - still be-speckled by trash and bottles and a moping local on a bench here and there, but in far better shape than a couple weeks ago - to look down at the kid who came up to him. Studying her a bit closer than was proper. But the girl did nothing but blink moist eyes and look vacantly baffled by the obstruction in her path. Aware of her surroundings, but wanting to be on her way and confused by any disruption. Good, right on track.

That set, he stepped silently sideways and let her passed into the restaurant. He'd been blocking the door in his observations, quite purposely, but he was satisfied. His slip up had largely repaired itself with time and a little effort, and there was nothing else to worry about. Not on that front- There was still a soul or five running about, a little too observant for their own good, and he would need to do something about that. And prepare for worst.

Oddly enough, the ones who might help him in that, were the problems themselves.

Turning about, he walked right into the Lily Garden restaurant, passed the "Wait to be seated" sign, and stood in the middle of the room, looking about like a patron who'd lost his company.

But far more obtrusive, since he stood up on a pulled out chair. It was easier to observe tables from overhead, after all.
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Marie felt like celebrating today. Not only had she been able to visit Scarlett at her model-shop job all week, but the stupid crying bouts she'd been getting lately had started to dwindle, or so she believed. So she hoped, too: it was getting sooo frustrating! The last few times she'd ended up crying just out of dread it was about to happen again.

In any case, she felt slightly less miserable than usual, and Scarlett had even bought her a gift: a little spiked choker that'd caught her eye in a store window. Marie couldn't stop admiring her reflection in every store window, and Scarlett couldn't stop remarking on how well it suited her, either. The last thing either sister wanted was to return to the drabness of their apartment.

So despite barely being able to make the rent and having already indulged in a splurge purchase, Marie headed into a video game arcade while Scarlett contented herself with leaning against the wall, watching her sister lose her temper at various games and casting disapproving glances at everyone else who passed her by.

Marie's favorite game, however, had to be dance choreography. She was terrible at it, or so the scoreboard said; but what did it know? Maybe this dance needed her feet to be spaced a little farther apart for extra pop! In her mind as she danced, racking up miss after miss, Marie Angliere was already a star.

A star without an opponent, though...for the time being. Marie wondered if anyone here were even worthy of facing her down.
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A stairwell door opened. Noise echoed up, overlapping and distressed. Then it cut off, the room shielded by the door slamming shut again.

That was all Faruq really knew of the anxiety running rampant downstairs, the last couple weeks. There just weren't enough people up here to fill in anything. The few other patients up here, not tied down so tight or kept in sight, must have bolted before everyone got paranoid. The usual visitors – his included – weren't to be seen. Even his nurse. She came in, checked on him, gave him his food, but she'd gone from boring to a leaky faucet, ducking out sobbing the second he looked at her.

A pain.

The worst part was, whatever was going on, there was no chance to slip out. No time in the third floor group room this week, no third watch forgetting to lock his door. He would have gone crazy, if he hadn't come up with small ways to pass time, long ago. Like scratching up the more boring discs he got from that aunt out of state, and seeing how many pieces he could break them into before an orderly stole his work. Usually he barely made it to ten. Today, his food tray was covered in ground pieces of a lullaby set, and he was trying to crack perfect, shiny squares out of some fantasy book on tape.

He had two good ones and about six or seven chucked tries when his door opened, and he slid the mess into his lap while the curtains still blocked him from view, hiding them between his knees and sheets. He wasn't ready to give up this distraction, yet.. and the sharp extra pieces looked promising.
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Scarlett'd been oddly emotional lately; she couldn't quite understand it, but she hated the way it interfered with her jobs. A weepy waitress didn't make any tips, and it wasn't like the esteemed proprietor of B-to-Z Models was a particularly caring soul (certain favors aside). Tonight, she'd been informed that everyone was going home from Lorelei's ahead of her - on schedule, when her own cleaning duties were at least half an hour behind. She'd been left all alone in the restaurant, lights still on, sign still set to "open": it was quitting time for everyone else, and that was all that mattered to them.

It'd made her cry. Which, in turn, made her even later. She had to get home to Marie!

Still, it wouldn't do to just....stay like this. Scarlett took a deep breath and kicked the karaoke machine: she'd learned it had a spot that, if struck, would make it start playing even without a coin. The song it chose would always be random, but that was all right by her. After working here for what felt like eternity, she knew every song by heart.

This establishment is therefore still technically open to the public. But there's a washrag and a tray of dishes lying abandoned on the counter, and a young woman singing on the stage, all by herself.
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Despite the popular draw of alcohol, the local bar didn't see much regular service. If people wanted a good time, with lots of food and karaoke, they went down to that one place down near the port, and ordered a drink there. And besides that, only a small handful bothered at all, when it felt like everybody worked every single day. Who had the time?

Except this weekend the whole town had gone off its rocker, and if there was anything all of them could use, it was an escape. Unfortunately, it was having questionable results. The later it got, the more people screamed at the games showing on the televisions, or sobbed into their cups, or just outright punched someone who looked at them the wrong way.

Too bad the staff looked too frayed themselves to bother kicking the last sort out.
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“I'm just so sorry! I should have watched where I was going more- Oh, there's no way they'll keep me-”

The server let out a sob, one hand still holding a cloth in the middle of the wine spilled over the table. A bit over the top, perhaps, but then maybe the couple didn't need to scream so loudly, and storm out of the building. It was enough to draw more than a few glances, even though that wasn't the only table to boast a weepy customer that night.

Inoue, for his part, was dry-eyed, allowing the incident no more than a side-glance before wolfing down another bite of meat. Though he was a little less vicious about it than usual, and his face was near level with the booth, slouching down in his seat like that. To the untrained eye, he looked like nothing more than a weary patron, face drawn in a frown likely formed from a frustrating, hardworking day. And that was true enough, except for the day part. It'd been more like a week. Or two.

He still wasn't certain if his efforts on the town lines would hold, but he couldn't waste anymore energy on creating defenses against any curious wanderers. This morning some lady was screeching on the street so loudly about losing her phone, Inoue heard it locked down in his basement! If his work was distracting and sapping him that much, that his tenants were figuratively falling apart at the seams… He would just have to try something else.

And in the meantime, he just had to wait for everyone to get a hold of themselves. Or ignore them, as the case may be. The occasional weeping and howling made nice dinner music, really. As long as they didn't screech.
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[Part 1; Asphodel Academy (High School)]
To be honest, that mop of gray hair is pretty noticeable, even when the person that's born with them decided not to mingle with the crowd and deciding to eat lunch himself in one corner of the cafeteria.

After all, he's never one to initiate contact with another person.

So without further ado, that strange transfer student who just moved in, folks.

[Part 2; Around the Town]
The sights were gradually becoming common to him, not that it's hard to do that, considering how mundane the place is. Nothing exciting tends to happen around this place, Reiji noticed as he continued walking without a care in the world.

That was before he bumped into you, actually.

"...Ah. Sorry."
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Marie didn't mind the cold - at least, she couldn't remember ever minding, and if she got a little chilly she could always just walk even closer to her sister. So while she wore a winter coat for colder days, it usually stayed open, flapping at her sides as she hurried wherever she wanted to go. She didn't give her coat much thought.

Except now it had failed her.

Stomach grumbling, Marie felt the hole in her pocket and pouted. This wasn't fair! Scarlett had given her the extra change from last night's waitress tips and everything, just so she could have a snack before swim practice....Someone else was probably picking it up right now, someone else was going to purchase her snack! It wasn't fair!

Staring longingly down at the rack of candy bars, lost and forlorn in the convenience store, she pulled a small music box out of her other pocket (thank goodness she hadn't lost this) and opened it. Listening closely, she relaxed. Though neither she nor Scarlett could place the tune, they'd both determined these boxes calmed them down. If Marie hummed this music, she'd feel better again.

And new ideas would come. Ideas worth pursuing.

Marie's eyes darted quickly around the store, and she smirked. Brushing past the display, she casually slipped a few candy bars into one pocket, then sighed as if giving up and made her way to the door. Maybe next time, her body posture seemed to say. Today I'm resigned.

Except it took all her self-control to keep from giggling.
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She didn't mean to cause trouble - honestly.

But that didn't faze the fact she was standing in the middle of a decimated aisle, boxes of pastas scattered and squashed across the floor, alongside a couple groaning, rising shoppers. Or a cart had toppled over behind her, blocking her way out. Not that she was trying to escape, but the victims of this mess didn't even look at her when she tried to help them up, and just stood there, looking as confused as ever. Better yet, she could hear the tell-tale sounds of crashes in other parts of the store, making her flinch and duck passed the pair, making a break for it around the corner.

All she wanted was to pick up a few things she usually missed!
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Part I:

On average, Etienne's weekends were boring. They mainly consisted of wandering aimlessly through the commercial district and not much else. After all, there wasn't much to do, and his little trip usually didn't involve any actual shopping.

At the same time, it was rare for him to actually miss a preorder for a game, but that's just what he realized happened as he came up to his favorite game shop to see the brightly colored ForStar 2 poster hanging in the window with a sticker already over it declaring "ON SALE NOW MM/DD!!"

How could he have missed this?! Sure, it was mostly a guilty pleasure game (who would admit to playing a high school romance dating sim?), but sometimes those guilty pleasures are important. This is one of those times. It didn't take any more than a second after seeing the promotional poster for him to casually enter the shop and start poking around for the new release.

Part II:

There wasn't a reason, as far as he knew, for him quitting his usual adventure through the commercial district and turning around to walk along the streets of the residential district. Maybe it was just curiosity. No matter how many houses he passed, all the cars that sped by him always turned down one of the streets ahead of him no matter how long the road stretched forward.

When he thought about it, he didn't even know what there was if he kept walking towards the outskirts of town. Did the road turn into a route and a highway eventually? Shouldn't he know that name if it did? Maybe there was someone that actually lived at the end of the road.

He swung his shopping bag idly as he walked along the sidewalk, eyes fixed on the horizon.

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Things were falling apart - she didn't like it.

Nanase had a very set pattern to her days, for a very specific reason, and yet the last few it had collapsed in on itself. She still made it to class, to swim meet, to bed at the same time, but the bits in between didn't come naturally to her, like her feet had forgotten where to go. It had led to more than a couple run-ins with her folks, when she'd normally sidestep the chance by habit. She was thrown so off, she'd actually headed home today when her teammates did, and the blank stare her mother shot her in the kitchen was as oddly jarring as taking the time to dry her hair, or going through her closet and pulling out an old sweater and pants to replace her uniform.

The material felt fresh, never worn as she slipped back onto the street, and she pulled roughly at the stiff sleeves as she stomped through the snow still on the ground. She remained uncertain where to go, but her street eventually circled back around, passing near every house in town. Surely there wouldn't be many out in the middle of dinner time, or on the outskirts of town. And even if... What's so jarring about a girl taking an uncharacteristic walk around the neighborhood?
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Russ leaned back in his seat and took a long sip of his coffee, but it did nothing to stifle his yawn. Ah, the exciting life of a newspaper reporter -- just sitting around, waiting for his interview subject to arrive. He tapped his fingers idly on the table and whiled away the time by listening to the conversations around him.

Maybe he'd catch something interesting.
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When Etienne woke up to the wind beating snow against his window so hard he thought it'd break through the glass, he should have stayed in. He wasn't sure what compelled him to just toss on a coat, wrap himself in a scarf, and put on a hat and head out like it was a normal day.

—He couldn't believe how much snow he let in through the front door just in the time between opening it and fighting it closed. This was ridiculous... He didn't bother to notice the clear skies over head; it was bright, but between having his head huddled into his coat and his eyes squinting to keep the snow and wind out, he didn't notice anything that wasn't directly in front of him.

Not that it stopped him from getting slapped in the face with a tattered, colorful rag that he should have seen flying at him.
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Inoue wasn't one to question himself. There might have been times he reacted badly to a turn of events, or misread an opponent, but rarely did his actual plans or whims come back to bite him. And yet here he was, wondering if he had been wise to plop himself among the souls of Asphodel, instead of keeping a distant, but more all-seeing eye. It wouldn't have been near as fun, but oh wouldn't the view be better...

But he also wasn't one to stew in regret, so while he mused over the possible mistake, it didn't slow his delicate work, repainting and placing greenery in the center of a giant town model, spread out across an empty, dim room with no windows and one shut door, the only other feature a ceiling fan spinning at a slow speed. The miniature park wasn't particularly damaged, but it had a "lived in" look to it Inoue was painstakingly fixing up. It was busy work, keeping his hands busy while he considered what to do about his latest struggle.

To keep this place alive, he needed to keep just as close an eye on the people inhabiting this lovely town, as he did the setting he put them in. But here he was, musing over his latest patrols and how to judge the state of minds around him. He might have pre-set them himself, given them some will of their own to move about, but none of them should be particularly aware and he needed to make sure it never crossed over in free will. There was no obvious reason it should, and yet...

He would just have to find a way to test them from time to time.

Finished, with his work, he carefully put away the green paint he had been using and went to the turn out the lights. But instead he paused, looked at the other switch there and slowly pushed it all the way up. The fan overhead swirled faster and faster, until the entire model below began to shake. All of his work slowly unraveled as the little fixtures toppled or rolled across miniature streets and lawns. And he hadn't stayed to watch - Inoue had walked right out, and then come back in holding what looked to be a bag of sugar, a smile back on his face.

At least if someone did notice the shift in the weather, it would be a sweet change.
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[ So you're at the local public library, and you've taken a seat to do - something, anything that suits your fancy, in this corner over here. It's a pretty nice corner, as public spaces go, cozy and well-lit, though if you stay too long the artificial lighting might start to give you a headache (there's a window, but let's face it: since when was it ever properly sunny here?). Really, it's the sort of space where you could happily lose track of time, if you were so inclined.

Except now, hovering just far back enough to almost be there by coincidence, there's a boy with a schoolbag staring at you, apparently at a loss for words, paralyzed by indecision. He comes to this library every day. He does his homework here every day. And you're sitting in his spot.

He apparently has no idea how to handle this situation. So instead he's just going to stand here, thwarted.

Because that isn't creepy or awkward at all. ]
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Within the business circuit of the city, there was an Asian-fusion café known as the Lily Garden. The rather unique butler and maid outfits never seemed out of place to the patrons who frequented the café nor to the employees themselves.

The café did have another aspect to draw in customers, even though the patronage never seemed to change. It was a special deal with the neighbouring bakery which allowed the café to serve an exclusive dessert.

Today's promotion: white chocolate strawberry millefeuille, which was being advertised on a stand outside.
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A bell rang as the B-Z Model Shop's door opened, announcing the departure of its owner. Inoue Yori stepped into the fading light of sunset still wiping his hands on his untied apron, but his eyes were already shifting across the row of shops surrounding his. The sharp gaze turned satisfied, pleased at the sight of people milling about the street and store fronts, as if it weren't something he'd come across everyday. As if it were something besides the random passage of neighbors and fellow town folk.

Done wiping his hands, Inoue tossed the apron onto a counter and grabbed a tan satchel from it. Locking the front door – the OPEN sign still displayed in the window, with strange, fuzzy text handwritten in below it – he turned the key with hands still covered with already dried bits of glossy paint. This wasn't an odd sight in and of itself, given his work often marked him by the end of the day. Usually he'd take the time to better wash away the stains before taking to the street...

But today was special. Today, he was ready to stand back and consider what he had built.

His shop corner was just across from the central road, leading him into the center of town and the park at the heart of it, the people passing by increasing as he neared the grassy expanse of perfectly symmetrical lines of trees and flowers. Any of the benches the cobbled cross-point of four dirt paths would the perfect spot to stop. And so he did, pulling a leather roll of tolls and smooth bit of wood from his bag as he considered the area.

The fountain – a marble pyramid in the center trickling water down between the “bricks” – blocked a bit his view, but it was still the best spot to catch sight of as many residents as possible, prone as they were to come by on the way home from work or school, or linger to meet friends or relax on their own. At some point or another, for just a moment, everyone would come by. Everyone would cross paths.

He had designed them that way.

And with any luck, he would spot no fault in his model.